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Hoonah Police Department

About Us

The Hoonah Department of Public Safety / Hoonah Police Dept. is proud to serve our community with dedication and integrity. The dept. has three full-time officers, one reserve officer, and six dispatcher/jailers including a supervisor.

The city's EMS and Fire departments operate under the Hoonah Dept. of Public Safety.

In addition to serving the City of Hoonah, Hoonah Police, EMS, and Fire also provide the surrounding US Forest Service lands full-service public safety functions and contacted law enforcement patrols. Hoonah Public Safety serves an additional 250,000+ cruise ship passengers during the summer tourist season.

Hoonah Dept of Public Safety's EMS division has received several state awards. Currently staffed by 12 volunteers with certifications ranging from EMT-1 (EMT-B) to EMT-3 (EMT-I99) and two police officer/EMTs, the avg. emergency medical call is attended to by 6 responders. EMS responds in a modern Type I ambulance, with a 4x4 SUV for responses in unpaved areas of the national forest.

Hoonah DPS's Fire Dept, has over 20 volunteers, with staff ranging from fire ground support personal up to IFSAC Firefighter II. The dept, responds in two modern Type I apparatus (Engines 701 & 702) and additionally has a Type VI wildland engine equipped with a compressed air foam system that has proven invaluable in the suppression of structure and vessel fires.

We encourage public visits and input to our department and personnel. The Chief has an open door policy. If he is not in, please make an appointment.

Hoonah Police Patch: Along with the rising grizzly bear (of which Hoonah and surrounding Chichagof Island has the most of per square mil-2.1 of anywhere in the world), it pictures a blue sky with stars which is from the Alaska State Flag, two totems which are emblematic of the Eagle and Raven of prominent local Tlingit Native history, snow-capped mountains which represent the mountains of Chicagof Island, blue which is the water and traditional lifeline of the inland passage Pacific and the Hoonah City Seal is at the bottom with the fishing boat design which represents the region's traditional dependence on commercial fishing.

Hoonah Police Badge with the Hoonah Grizzly Bear design


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