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Hoonah Police Department


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Eagles in city hall parking lot. They are accomplished
con artists and will beg for food. One once followed me to the door
begging for a handout.

A fishing boat approaches Hoonah harbor on a pretty late winter day
as the fog rolls out. If you dont like the SE Alaska weather, wait 10 minutes
and it will change!

Assistant District Attorney Amy Williams from the Juneau DA's Office
visited HPD to put on legal training on April 23rd. She is seen
here with Officers Wallace and Lindstron and Chief Millan at the
airport with the officers all in new HPD uniforms.

Federal agents visited Hoonah on April 26th. US Forest Service
officers for Tongas National Forest and Deputy US Marshalls were
in Hoonah for the day.

A very large AK Brown Bear (Grizzly) up in the woods rooting
for grubs. He was oblivious to my police vehicle maybe 45 ft away.

Then as quickly as he was there, he bolted up in the woods and vanished.

The inland passage visible from the mountains around Hoonah
at the snowline on a bright spring day.

Mountains around Hoonah in mid spring.

The road to Tongas National Forest near Hoonah
City Limits on a mid spring day.

Mountains beyond Hoonah from the Hoonah City
Limits on a warm spring day.

Hoonah Harbor and lands out to the
Tongas National Forest in mid spring.


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