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Winston County Constable
Beat 9

Message from the Constable

Thank you for visiting the online directory for The Winston County Constable's Office, Beat 9. My name is Travis Allred, and I was recently elected to serve the citizens of Winston County. Constables have an important job working with local law enforcement, citizens, and our local legislators to ensure we have as many opportunities to properly serve our constituents. It is my goal to patrol my community, and protect and serve our families, businesses, life and property. The Constable truly is "The People's Police."

The Constable is a Peace Officer, elected by voting precinct, but has jurisdiction throughout the county. The Constable has full State Of Alabama arrest powers, essentially the same as the sheriff. The Constable has the authority to enforce both the Traffic and Criminal Codes of Alabama. The Constable also has the authority to act as a Forest Warden. Qualifications to become Constable are the same as those to become Sheriff. The Constable is an elected public official. The Constable is one of only two remaining elected Peace Officers in the world - The other being the County Sheriff.


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