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Lockhart Police Department

About Us

We, the members of the Lockhart Police Department, are guided by the highest ethical standards. We provide the highest quality of personalized services to all who live, work, visit, learn and recreate in our City. We do this by empowering employees who build partnerships with the community and other service providers to prevent and solve crime, lessen fear, and reduce neighborhood problems. We are committed to enhancing our community's safety and quality of life through continuous improvement of our work. We are a community-oriented police department as defined by the people we serve. We believe in the dignity of all people and respect individual and constitutional rights in fulfilling this mission.

We strive to be a dynamic, continuously improving organization devoted to Service Excellence in making our city a safer and healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

In fulfilling our mission, members will:
1. enforce laws and serve our community with respect and fairness;
2. share responsibility with citizens for improving safety and the quality of life;
3. create a high degree of customer satisfaction in performing our work;
4. value diversity;
5. recognize the individual talent, creativity and contributions of all employees;
6. always look for ways to improve ourselves and our services; and
7. perform our work within the highest standards of integrity and honesty.


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