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Perryville Police Department

Chief of Police
Randy Wilson

613 N Fourch Ave
Perryville, Arkansas 72126


County: Perry

Perryville PD is a small department having only 4 full time officers and 3 reserve. We patrol the towns of Perryville and the town North of us Perry. Both towns are on highway 9, with hwy 60 intersecting in Perryville, and hwy 10 merging into 9 south of us and splitting off again in Perry. The Fourch Lafave River runs along the south edge of town. Harris Break Lake is about 2 miles out of town on hwy 300. Lake Silvia is about 6 miles south of us on hwy 9. Lake Nimrod is about 10 miles west of us on highway 60. We have national forest all the way around us and some wetlands. I think I have found paradise and have no plans on leaving. If you have any questions about the department or area contact us.