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Fort Irwin Military
Police Department

About Us

Welcome to the Fort Irwin Military Police Department. Please spend some time with our website to use it as a resource for assistance and to learn about us, and our services.

It is truly an honor to represent the hard working men and women of the Fort Irwin National Training Center. We are at a pivotal point in our history, as we strive to become the premiere law enforcement agency in the high desert region of southern California.

We understand that crime can be best reduced through the balanced delivery of prevention, intervention and enforcement. We also recognize that maintaining community safety can only be achieved with the support and involvement of our community.

Fort Irwin is located in the high desert region of the Mojave desert. It has a total area of approximately 1,100 miles. Fort Irwin has a population of 4,960 active duty, 5,103 family members, 3,469 civilian employees and 4,000 to 6,000 rotational personnel at any given time. Within its territory on its western side lies the NASA Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex.

The Fort Irwin Military Police Department consists of just over 75 officers, both military police and Federal Law Enforcement Officer civilians with full powers of arrest for misdemeanor and felony crimes committed within their jurisdiction.

The FIPD consists of a Operations Division, Services Division, Detective Bureau and Administration Section.

The Patrol Division manages a fleet of police rated vehicles that range from Chevrolet Impalas, Ford Crown Victoria's and Chevrolet Tahoe SUV's that provide 24/7 protection to the citizens of Fort Irwin. The department is currently in the process of reviewing and bringing aboard a motor unit to support the traffic division.

Animal Control, K-9 and the Game Warden fall under Operations as well.

Juvenile Division and Traffic fall under the Services Division.


Police officers assigned to the FIPD carry the Beretta 92F 9mm as a standard duty weapon. Officers are also assigned patrol rifles and shotguns while on patrol. These weapons include but are not limited to shotguns, M4 rifles and the MP-5 submachine gun.

The FIPD is an innovative department with leading edge technology consisting of mobile CAD laptop computers, in car dash-cams, night vision devices and the latest Motorola 2-way radio digital trunking technology.

FIPD Weapons


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