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Regional Transportation District
Transit Police

About Us

Transit Police Department Started May 2004

Police Authority CRS 16-2.5-146; "Public Transit Officer" who must be POST Certified and is a Peace Officer in the State of Colorado.

Responsible for the Safety and Security of Employees and Patrons riding the system.

Affiliated with IACP, CACP, DHS, TSA, FBI

4 internal police officers
75 contracted part-time police officers
100 uniformed, armed contracted security officers

RTD has 2,500 employees including the above LEOs

Our service area includes 8 counties; 44 cities, 2,400 sq, miles. We have 1,017 buses and 158 light rail trains working at rush hour; currently carry 340,000 people per day. There are 10,700 bus stops, 35 miles of track and 36 rail stations and 14 buildings.


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