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Regional Transportation District
Transit Police

About Us

Transit Police Department Started May 2004

Police Authority CRS 16-2.5-146; "Public Transit Officer" who must be POST Certified and is a Peace Officer in the State of Colorado.

Responsible for the Safety and Security of Employees and Patrons riding the system.

Affiliated with IACP, CACP, DHS, TSA, FBI

8 Internal Police Officers
150 Regionally Contracted Part-Time Police Officers
260 Uniformed, Armed Full-Time Contracted Transit Security Officers
5 Internal Civilian Investigators
26 Public Safety Dispatchers
4 Technicians

RTD has 2,813 employees including the above LEOs

Our service area includes 8 counties; 44 cities, 2,400 sq, miles. We have 1,023 buses and 172 light rail trains, 66 commuter rail trains, 87 miles of track, currently carry 429,000 people per day. There are 10,700 bus stops, 71 rail stations and 17 buildings
Currently under a large 10 year regional expansion


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