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Regional Transportation District
Transit Police

Message from the Chief

We will strive to achieve the ideal of a community free from crime, consistent with the values of a free society. We will provide friendly service of superior quality and value that best meets the needs and expectations of our community. We will achieve that purpose by developing and challenging our members' individual talents and maintaining the high principals of integrity and commitment to do the right thing.

To accomplish our mission and to strive toward the ideal of the Transit Police Division's vision, we will act and be guided by the following values:

* Human life and dignity above all else
* Unquestioned integrity is the basis for community trust
* Belief in and respect for the principals contained in the Constitution of the United States and the State of Colorado, along with recognition of the authority of duly enacted laws
* Striving for personal, professional and divisional excellence through appropriate training
* We are accountable to each other and to the citizens we serve
* Simple friendliness, trust and respect expressed to the public is the foundation upon which we will work


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