Green Mountain Falls
Police Department

Mission Statement

Town of Green Mountain Falls Police Department:
The mission of the Police Department is to work with the Town government and the citizens of Green Mountain Falls in maintaining and enhancing a safe and peaceful community. The Police Department strives to control and prevent crime, to ensure the public safety, to provide for the orderly and safe movement of vehicle traffic, and to provide appropriate non-enforcement services to meet community needs and desires. The Police Department is dedicated to Community Oriented Policing with a measure of fairness, justice and understanding of it's residents. The Chief and his Officers are obligated to uphold the laws of the land with integrity, honesty and by being forthright in the conduct of law enforcement. There will be no tolerance of those who harm the community. The health, safety and happiness of the community will forever remain the priority of the Green Mountain Falls Police Department and "To Serve and Protect" will be the creed sworn to by it's officers.

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