AFRH-W Police Department

About Us

We are an independent executive agency with ties to the Defense Department. At present we utilize a force of Federal Officers, Investigators and the services of contract security for access control.

The Department is headed by a Chief, staffed with both uniformed officers and plain clothes investigators.

Our primary mission is to provide crime prevention, detection and community services to residents, employees and visitors to the Campus.

Staffed 24/7, the AFRH-W Police provides emergency response to a diverse nature of incidents, renders assistance as required and maintains investigative support to the AFRH-W.

As cited, the AFRH-W began in 1851 and has grown significantly since then. Through our rich history the department has experienced many changes and continues to grow.

We are home to many important historical sites including President Lincoln's residence; that was used during the Civil War period as a place for the President to remove himself from the city proper and focus on the matters of managing a nation in conflict.


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