Federal Emergency Management Agency
Law Enforcement Coordination and Investigation

About Us

The Law Enforcement Coordination and Investigation Branch handles all law enforcement liaison to include federal, state, local and tribal agencies, coordinates personal/executive/asset protection & escort functions, facilitates/conducts investigation/inquiry coordination, serves as the agency expert on violence in the workplace incidents & services on the crisis management team as it pertains to violence in the workplace, conducts threat assessments & intelligence gathering, represents the agency with coordination with the Washington Field Office Joint Terrorism Task Force monitor and enter data in e-guardian for active anti-terrorism investigations. Monitor, audit and control the use of National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer system for FEMA-wide coordination with the Department of Justice.

* Lead, direct, plan, coordinate, and oversee the full spectrum of criminal and administrative investigations for all FEMA.

* Manage all investigative program functions to include the formulation, modification and valuation of strategies, policies and procedures to provide for the most efficient and effective investigation.

* Ensure that comprehensive reports reflect all allegations and findings, and are prepared within established timeframes.

* Providing or briefing appropriate internal and external officials on allegations and findings.

* Develop and maintain successful partnerships and information networks with internal and external officials and stakeholders at all levels of government including federal, state, and local law enforcement as well as the intelligence community and private sector.

* Handle all law enforcement liaisons and coordinating personal, executive, and asset protection.

* Serve as the agency expert on violence in the workplace incidents and service on the crisis management team as it pertains to violence in the workplace, conducting threat assessments, and intelligence gathering.

* Represent the agency as a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

* Investigation issues of employee misconduct or criminal or federal regulation violations.

* Develop, implement and or recommend criminal countermeasures to protect FEMA property.

* Manage the resource protection and the Special Deputy US Marshall Program (SDUSM).

* Conduct Prevention of Violence in the Workplace Training for all FEMA Employees.

* Investigate theft of Government Property in conjunction with Federal Protective Services (FPS) and DHS-OIG.

* Provide crime prevention lectures and materials.

* Respond to suspicious activity and if necessary coordinate all emergency law enforcement responses.

* Serve as the agency representative and monitor and coordinate all law enforcement and physical security training through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


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