Gordon County Constable

Jim Bradford

100 South Wall Street
Gordon County Courthouse First Floor
Calhoun, Georgia 30701


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County: Gordon

Jurisdiction: The Gordon County Office of the Constable falls under the
jurisdiction of the Magistrate Court of Gordon County.

The powers and duties of constables include the following as
outlined by Georgia Law Title 15:

(1) To attend regularly all sessions of magistrate court;

(2) To pay promptly over money collected by them to the magistrate court;

(3) To execute and return all warrants, summonses, executions, and other
processes directed to them by the magistrate court; and

(4) To perform such other duties as are required of them by law or
as necessarily appertain to their offices.

Constables shall exercise the power of arrest only with a warrant or at the direction
of and in the presence of a magistrate or the judge of another court.

Gordon County Constable Article