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Message from the Chief


Welcome to the Town of Cohutta Police Department website. The website is one of the many tools the Cohutta Police Department utilizes to communicate and educate the citizens and visitors of Cohutta, Georgia. Throughout our website, you can learn more about the Cohutta Police Department and the services we provide to our community. All of our programs and activities are aimed at just one goal: making the Town of Cohutta a safe place to live, work, and/or visit. I am pleased to welcome you to our website and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Ray Grossman
Chief of Police


Photo courtesy The Daily Citizen, Dalton Georgia

Chief Ray Grossman of the Cohutta Police Department was recently donated a laser speed detection device by the Varnell Police Department Chief of Police Lyle Grant. Varnell Police Chief Lyle Grant decided to donate the laser to the Cohutta Police Department, which previously only had radar speed detection devices.

"The more Chief (Ray) Grossman can do up there, it will affect us down south," Grant said. "Grossman has a reputation of getting out here and enforcing the traffic laws and it helps us. That's what it boils down to - keeping the roads safer."

Grossman said the lasers make it easier to pinpoint which car is speeding.

"You get a good individual reading," Grossman said. "It is much more efficient."

The gift was a continuation of the good relationship between the Varnell and Cohutta police departments, Grossman said.

"We are neighbors here," he said. "We back each other up on calls. At times the traffic on Highway 71 is pretty high. What we do affects what they do down there."

Pictured is Chief Grant of the Varnell Police Department donating the laser device to Chief Raymond Grossman of the Cohutta Police Department.


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