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Cohutta Probation Office

The Cohutta Police Department along with the Town of Cohutta Municipal Court utilizes North Georgia Judicial Services to fill the need for a probation officer. North Georgia Judicial Services is a fully licensed independent company, and they are fully qualified to be municipal probation officers through the "Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia". The probation office is needed to satisfy the needs of the municipal court through Georgia Law requirements. The probation office follows the guidance and directives that are set forth by the Judge whom presides over the Town of Cohutta Municipal Court, as well as the legislative directives that the probation office must follow as outlined by the Official Code of Georgia.

Anyone who is sentenced to complete probation by the Town of Cohutta Municipal Court will follow all guidelines as required. If the guidelines are not followed, then legal court ordered actions will be taken by the Cohutta Probation Department through the Municipal Court to ensure that further non-compliance is avoided. Probation violation warrants, failure to appear warrants or other court ordered warrants that are issued through the Town of Cohutta Municipal Court or Cohutta Probation Office will be served by the Town of Cohutta Police Department, or by any other Federal, State, County or Local law enforcement agency as allowed by State and/or Federal Law.

If you have been sentenced to complete probation through the Cohutta Municipal Court any have questions about what requirements you must follow or where to report if needed, then please contact the Cohutta Probation Office at:

North Georgia Judicial Services
106 East Fort Street, Chatsworth, GA 30705-2906
PHONE: (706) 422-8277
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Town of Cohutta Municipal Court
Attn: Cohutta Probation Office
5102 Red Clay Road
PO BOX 290
Cohutta, Georgia 30710
PHONE: (706) 694-3330


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