Guyton Police Department

About Us

The Guyton Police Department was formed on March 15, 2006. This is the cities first police department in its history. We are located in Effingham county Georgia, 35 miles north of Savannah.

The department has 8 sworn police officers. We have a multi talented department; we investigate some of our small crimes but depend on the Effingham county Sheriffs office and the G.B.I. for assistance in serious crimes and or crime scenes. All officers are trained in basic investigations along with crime scene processing. We are a COPíS department. We have an outstanding relationship with the citizens and have a neighborhood watch program that has assisted us with several drug arrests. We have an elderly program called ďAre U OkĒ, where we will check on the elderly citizens that live alone everyday. Four times a year we have a Police town hall meeting where all citizens are invited. In that meeting we have a survey where we ask the citizens where we can improve, where we are doing good and get ideas on how we can help the community. Since the department has been established we have added to or updated the city ordinances.

The city has a population of 1150. Guyton sits on two major highways, Highway 17 and Highway 119. At any given time the population may exceed well above the population. Guyton is a major truck route for all types of cargo going to or from the port of Savannah. Guyton still has its old time flavor with a historic district and a small down town shopping area.


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