Blue Island Police Department

About Us

We are a 40 member department located on the southern border of the city of Chicago's Beverly neighborhood.

We operate a multi-jurisdictional 911-Communications Center, for three communities. We currently dispatch 911 police-fire-Ems calls for Blue Island, Crestwood and Posen Illinois. We will soon be adding the Village of Midlothian to our center. Our 911 Director is Paulette Szczecina and our Telecommunicator Supervisor is Jenny Voves. We have 12 full-time telecommunicators and 3 part-time T/C's.

Our city population is 24,500. We have a very diverse community and many more amenities to offer. We are a historic community and a recognized Mainstreet Community by the state of Illinois. Our city was an established city in 1835 which should make us one of the oldest established cities in Illinois.


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