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Zeigler Police Department

Chief of Police
Tim Scuras

303 Church St
Zeigler, Illinois 62999


County: Franklin

Zeigler Police Department has 4 Full-Time Officers and 10 Part-time Officers. We patrol a community of over 1800 citizens. Zeigler Police also assists neighboring cities with mutual aid on a needed basis. We are a proactive department and have great relations with the community.

Full time Officers
Z-1 Chief Scuras
Z-2 LT Dale
Z-3 Officer Eggemeyer
Z-4 Officer Burkhamer

Part time officers
Z-5 Officer Trogolo
Z-6 Officer McKinney
Z-7 Officer Davis
Z-8 Officer Morgan
Z-9 Officer Eaton
Z-10 Officer White
Z-11 Officer Jellen
Z-12 Officer Bramlett
Z-14 Officer Smillie
Z-16 Officer Grove