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Heritage Creek
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On July 24th, 2017 Major Marc Kaiser announced that the Heritage Creek Police Department has received a grant from the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security to purchase additional pistols and duty rifles for the agency.

Assistant Chief of Police M. Kaiser was quoted as saying "Due to the addition of two new police officer positions to the force - we needed to properly equip these officers for their duties."



On July 12th, 2017 Lieutenant Ronald Reyna was presented the Governor's Occupant Protection Award from the Kentucky Department of Transportation. This is the third time that Lt. Reyna has earned this prestigious award.

"Too many lives are lost each year that could have been saved, had citizens wore their seat belts while driving. Help get the word out - Seat Belts Really Do Save Lives on Kentucky Roadways!"

- Lieutenant Reyna


Heritage Creek, Kentucky

SGT Dean Shepherd has been a long standing member of the Police Department for over seventeen years. His total time in police service spans over thirty years. Recently, Dean has announced that he will retire March 1st, 2017. We wish him all the best for his retirement!



On January 10th, 2017 the Heritage Creek Police was one of four local police departments awarded with the AAA Silver traffic safety award for 2016.

"We are honored to recognize these local departments for their efforts in the Community Traffic Safety Program," said J.J. Miller, AAA East Central Safety Advisor. "Each organization has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make their community a safer place for motorists and residents."

The Heritage Creek Police Departments submission was among hundreds nationwide that participated in the Community Traffic Safety Program recognized by AAA East Central.

HCPD Lieutenant Ron Reyna, stated that "this is the second year that HCPD received this prestigious award from AAA. It is a direct reflection of our commitment to traffic safety in our community.


December 13th, 2016

Lexington, Kentucky. Lieutenant R. Reyna was awarded a special recognition, along with 204 other Outstanding Law Enforcement Officers from around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Lt. Reyna received the Governors DUI Award for the most arrests of DUIs for the Heritage Creek Police Department from October 2015 to October 2016.

Thanks to Lt. Reyna and all the officers at HCPD for keeping our roadways safe!


December 2nd, 2016

As a response to the increased violence in Metro Louisville, the Heritage Creek Police Department is offering to take in legacy guns, martial arts weapons, BB guns, pellet guns, knives and ammunition from anyone who wishes to get rid of those items in a responsible way.

Assistant Chief Marc Kaiser stated that "We need to insure that these items do not get into the wrong hands." Sometimes families inherit legacy firearms and ammunition. Many of these firearms may no longer be safe to use or the ammunition is very old.

Major Kaiser is available every Monday in December from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm to take in items. Lieutenant Ron Reyna is available on Saturday's from 3:00 pm till 8:00 pm for turn in of the items mentioned in this article.

Lets Keep OUR City Safe!


November 8th, 2016

Lt. Ron Reyna from the Heritage Creek Police Department has joined forces to help protect law enforcement officers that do not have body armor. HCPD Officers are donating their used body armor to the Armor for God Project. This non-profit organization issues used vests to police officers around the world who currently work without body armor. It is simply a fact, that many law enforcement agencies cannot afford to purchase new body armor for their officers. That is where the Armor of God Project fills the need. Assistant Chief of Police Marc Kaiser said: "Thanks to the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security grant that our department received this year, we are able to donate to this outstanding project. Our donation could potentially save another law enforcement officers life."


October 25, 2016

Today, the Heritage Creek Police Department has acknowledged that they recently received notice from the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security that the agencies request for patrol rifles has been approved.

The future acquisition of these items and training for our officers will continue to modernize the agency. This grant will give the officers the tools that they need to protect the city.

Special thanks to Mayor Larry Webb and the City Council for their support, during this process.


Lexington, Kentucky July 27th, 2016

Lieutenant Ronald Reyna of the Heritage Creek Police Department was honored at the Governor's Award luncheon for Occupant Protection. His diligent efforts in Seat Belt Safety over the past year was recognized with the presentation of a plaque from the Kentucky Department of Highway Safety. This is the second time that Lieutenant Reyna has received this awarded.

When interviewed he was quoted as saying, "Wearing your seat belt saves lives."


June 6, 2016

The Heritage Creek Police Department has recently received new Safriland body armor to protect each of its police officers. This body armor purchase has met strict standards and is NIJ-06 complaint.

Each officer is very appreciative to the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security and the City of Heritage Creek for providing the funding to support the purchase of this life saving equipment. To further continue the agencies equipment modernization, HCPD applied for a second Kentucky Department of Homeland Security grant.

Today, Assistant Police Chief Marc Kaiser stated that the Heritage Creek Police Department was formally notified by Governor Matt Bevin about the status of our second grant application. The Heritage Creek Police Department has been selected to receive funding from the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security to purchase duty weapons and ammunition. This funding will allow the department to further modernize their equipment and increase capabilities.

This program is funded solely by the sale of confiscated weapons turned into Kentucky State Police. Last fall, HCPD turned over fifteen items. In the near future the department will turn in additional weapons.

Special thanks to Mayor Larry Webb and the City Council for their support during this lengthy process.


May 9, 2016

New "Coast to Coast" Seat Belt Enforcement Effort Aims to Increase Click It or Ticket Participation, Save Lives

Heritage Creek, Kentucky - From May 23 to June 5, 2016, local law enforcement personnel will participate in the national Click It or Ticket campaign in an effort to save lives through increased seat belt use. This enforcement period comes ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

According to research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while 88.5 percent of passenger vehicle occupants buckled up in 2015, almost 50 percent of occupants of fatal crashes nationwide are not restrained. In some states, the rate is as high as 70 percent unrestrained in fatal crashes. This fact gravely highlights the need for increased enforcement and awareness of seat belt use.

This year, NHTSA is aiming to increase campaign participation even more by coordinating a "Coast to Coast" seat belt enforcement effort, to include all law enforcement around specific interstate corridors, such as I-65, I-265, I-264, I-64 and I-71. This effort does not limit Click It or Ticket enforcement to these corridors, or prevent states from participating in the campaign; rather, these corridors will serve to link and highlight the "Coast to Coast" seat belt enforcement effort. All law enforcement agencies can join the effort to emphasize the "Coast to Coast" effort.

"As law enforcement, we have a special role in helping protect the safety of our citizens, from the East to the West Coast," said Major Marc Kaiser, HCPD. "Time after time, we see the deadly results that come from drivers and passengers refusing to wear a seat belt. Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important steps in increasing survivability in a crash. Our job is to stop those who are not buckled up, and to keep them from repeating this potentially deadly mistake."

In 2014, nearly half of the 21,022 passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes were unrestrained, according to NHTSA. During the nighttime hours of 6 p.m. to 5:59 a.m., that number increased to 57 percent of those killed. Law enforcement agencies will write citations day and night, with a zero-tolerance approach.

"Hundreds of thousands of citizens will be traveling this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, as well as throughout the summer vacation season. We want to make sure that people are buckling up to keep themselves and their families safe. It is the greatest defense in a vehicle crash," said LT. Ron Reyna, HCPD.

For more information on the Click It or Ticket campaign, please visit


February 11, 2016

The Heritage Creek Police Department has received a Silver Award in the AAA 2015 Community Traffic Safety Awards program. Thanks to the combined efforts of our police officers!


January 12th, 2016

On January 12th, 2016 Mayor Larry Webb and the Heritage Creek City Council presented Lieutenant Marc Kaiser and Sgt. Ron Reyna the distinguished recognition as Officers of the Year. Later that evening, Lieutenant Marc Kaiser was later promoted to the rank of Major and Sergeant Ron Reyna was then promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Also in the news, on February 4th, 2016 officers of the Heritage Creek Police Department conducted recertification training in CPR, Basic First Aid, AED operation, and blood-borne pathogens. Lieutenant Reyna stated that "It is vitally important that our officers are well trained in life saving measures, in order to better serve the citizens of our community."


December 7th, 2015

The Heritage Creek Police Department was awarded a Kentucky Office of Homeland Security grant from outgoing Governor Steve Beshear. The newly awarded grant will allow the agency to purchase new body armor for its officers. The new NIJ 06 certified armor will enhance patrol officer safety on duty. This grant would have not been possible without the diligent efforts from Asst. Chief Marc Kaiser, Sgt Ron Reyna, Mayor Larry Webb and the Heritage Creek city council.


October 7th, 2015
Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Webb, the members of the Heritage Creek City Council & Assistant Police Chief Mark Kaiser, the Heritage Creek Police Department has begun to redesigned the police departments vehicle fleet with a brand new stripe design. As you will see the new markings are highly visible and are a nice compliment to the cities fleet of Dodge Chargers.


On April 30th, 2015 Lt. Marc kaiser of the Heritage Creek Police Department announced that his agency has purchased new labtop computers for use in patrol cars. These new devices will give the officers greater access to police information systems.


As of December 16th, 2014, the Heritage Creek Police Department became a recipient of three donated in car video camera systems. These welcomed new video systems will document our police officers traffic stop(s). Thus, increasing officer safety and giving a watchful eye on citizen contacts. Installation of the three video systems has already begun to the patrol car fleet. Our goal is to have these systems completely installed by the end of January 2015.

Lt. Marc Kaiser
HCPD - Assistant Chief


On December 9th, 2014 the Heritage Creek Police Department has trained and issued each police officer the latest in pepper spray. This initiative is part of the cities continous committment, for a less than lethal solution when our police officers deal with unruly or out-of- control subject(s).

Chief of Police
City of Heritage Creek


The City of Heritage Creek, Kentucky has recently upgraded the Heritage Creek Police Department's radar units to the Kustom Talon. These newly issued radar units combined with the department's high visibility radar trailer, will provide a new level of traffic safety for our growing community.

Chief of Police
City of Heritage Creek


On August 24th, 2014 representatives the Highview Fire Department conducted Fire Extinguisher training for employees of the City of Heritage Creek Police and Maintenance Departments. This valuable training included: extinguisher types and the P-A-S-S rule of Point Aim Squeeze & Sweep. Each employee participated in putting out an actual controlled fire with one of three different type of extinguishers. This valuable training will aid the Police Department in proper deployment of the fire extinguishers, located in each of our police cars.

Special thanks to the Men and Women of the Highview Fire Department Station #3 for their OUTSTANDING training support in helping us to continue to strive in meeting our professional training goals!

Chief of Police
City of Heritage Creek

The Heritage Creek Police Department partners with Project ChildSafe and the National Shooting Sports Foundation to Promote "S.A.F.E. Summer across America" Campaign

Heritage Creek, Kentucky, June 26, 2014 - The Heritage Creek Police Department today announced it is partnering with Project ChildSafe and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to promote the "S.A.F.E. Summer Across America" campaign. The campaign will focus attention on the importance of safe firearm storage, particularly while children are home from school and more likely to be unattended.

NSSF is implementing S.A.F.E. Summer to further spread the message of Project ChildSafe and help prevent firearm accidents, theft and misuse. "S.A.F.E." serves as an acronym for Store your firearms responsibly when not in use; Be Aware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to guns; Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner and Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage. The effort is focused on providing education and tools that helps gun owners take responsible action to keep their families and communities safer.

"If you own a firearm, respect it and secure it," said Almon Perry, Chief of Police of the Heritage Creek Police Department. "Proper storage is the number one way to help prevent firearm accidents in the home; it has an instant effect in making homes and communities safer, and saves lives."

In addition to the Heritage Creek Police Department, NSSF is working in partnership with local law enforcement agencies throughout the nation to distribute safety kits, including a gun lock, to firearms owners throughout the U.S. as part of the S.A.F.E. Summer Across America campaign. Educational materials and resources are also available through the Project ChildSafe ( website and social media, with tips on safe firearm storage, brochures, and information on the variety of safe storage options available.

NSSF launched Project ChildSafe in 1998 (prior to 2003 the program was called Project HomeSafe) as a nationwide initiative to promote firearms responsibility and provide safety education to all gun owners. While children are a focus, Project ChildSafe is intended to help young people and adults practice greater firearm safety in the home. The program has provided more than 36 million free firearm safety kits to gun owners in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. That's in addition to the more than 60 million free locking devices manufacturers have included with new firearms sold since 1998 and continue to do today.

Project ChildSafe was originally supported by federal grants provided by the U.S. Department of Justice. Since 2008, when this funding was cut, the firearms manufacturing industry has solely funded the Project ChildSafe program through the members of NSSF.

The Heritage Creek Police Department has a limited number of FREE gun locks for our residents. Please stop by city hall and receive your FREE gun lock today. Lets keep gun safety always in mind by keeping them secure.

Chief A. Perry

The Heritage Creek Police Department is proud to announce that they have become equipped with two First HeartStart AEDs. This new equipment will allow us to quickly respond on medical emergencies that involve a heart attack. As of Janaury 22, 2014 all officers assigned to the police department became certified in CPR, AED and basic First Aid from an accredited CPR instructor.


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