USACOPS | Kentucky | Police | Pike County

Elkhorn City Police Department

Chief of Police
Bobby Sexton

Mailing Address:
PO Box 681
Elkhorn City, Kentucky 41522

Physical Address:
395 Patty Loveless Dr.
Elkhorn City, Kentucky 41522

Phone: (606)754-4030
24 Hours: (606)424-1828
Fax: (606)754-8588

Search Sex Offenders

County: Pike

Jurisdiction West on Route 80 approximately 1 mile from intersection
of 80 and 197. East on Route 80 approximately 2 miles from intersection
of 80 and 197 not excluding Ky side of Breaks National Forest/ working
in Partnership with VA Law Enforcement Dept. which has jurisdiction over
Breaks park. South on route 197 from intersection of 80 and 197
approximately 1 mile. Not excluding areas beyond basic jurisdiction
responding to complaints from Post #9 KSP.