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Police Department Facts

Created as a full-service police department by state statute after enabling legislation was passed by the Louisiana Legislature in 1968. Under Title 17, Section 1805 of the Revised Code of Louisiana, University Police Officers provide full-service policing on their respective campuses.

The McNeese State University Police provide many service-oriented functions to the McNeese community which consists of 9,000 students and over 800 faculty and staff.

The University Police provide police and public safety services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to all McNeese students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These services include 1st response to crimes as well as information, parking assistance, escort service and police protective and investigative services.

The University Police Officers are sworn commissioned police officers with the full range of police powers. They are empowered to make arrest in the matters concerning felonies and misdemeanors.

Police officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services, including crime reports, investigations, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, hazardous waste emergencies, traffic accidents, parking violations, enforcement of laws regulating consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the use of controlled substances, weapons and all other incident requiring police assistance.

University Police officers compile information, prepare reports and submit incident reports to the District Attorney's Office. The department shares information on arrest and serious crimes with Lake Charles City Police, The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department, the District Attorney's office, the State Police, and other law enforcement agencies. Computer checks of warrants for wanted person can be conducted through computer link-up with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. The terminal provides access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) which accesses the computer files of all Criminal Justice systems.

A University Police investigator is available or on-call to conduct criminal investigations, crime prevention surveys and provide personal protection tips.


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