USACOPS | Louisiana | Police | Ouachita Parish

Levee District
Police Department

Chief of Police
Edward B. Waggoner

505 District Dr
Monroe, Louisiana 71202

Phone: (318)323-7446
Fax: (318)323-6735

Parish: Ouachita

You may contact the Levee District Police Department for the Tensas Basin Levee District by calling 318-323-7446 or by fax at 318-323-6735.

Our district covers eight Louisiana parishes from the Arkansas state line in northeast Louisiana thru to central Louisiana.

We are a special state law enforcement agency responsible for general law enforcement within a state levee district which is defined by law and includes all of the land and water area within the parishes named. Levee District Police Officers are by statute commissioned as peace officers by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety with police powers of arrest throughout the district's named parishes. They provide criminal patrol and investigation for all state crimes and certain federal crimes. The task is accomplished by vehicle patrol, boat patrol, all-terrain vehicles and aircraft surveillance. Levee District Officers usually work independently covering a large geographical area to accomplish their mission. Another very important aspect of their mission is homeland security. They provide protection to the Federal Levee Systems and structures which provide protection to the citizens of Louisiana. It is estimated that over two-thirds of Louisiana residents are protected by levees including cities and vital infrastructures such as highways.