Waverly Police Department

About Us

Waverly, Missouri is a small farming community (population 837) located on the banks of the Missouri River about 58 miles east of Kansas City. We are right in the middle of some of the richest top soil in the world, thus we are surrounded by numerous Orchards which produce apples, peaches, pears, and more. We also have a growing number of local Winery's in the area. The Waverly Police Department is a part-time department. As a part-time department, our officers are limited to working up to 40 hours a month at an hourly rate.

If a resident has an Emergency they need to call 911, this should ring at the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department. The Dispatch Center will send a Deputy immediately to handle the emergency and they will contact a Waverly Officer if available; who will respond as soon as possible. If a citizen has a non-emergency call and they need a police report, they can call (660)493-2914 and leave a message and the next Waverly Officer that works will contact them. If it is a non-emergency call, but the resident thinks it needs and officers immediate attention, then call (660)259-3622 and the Dispatch Center will contact a Waverly Officer to either respond or call and speak with the resident.


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