Belhaven Police Department

Message from the Chief

As Chief of Police, my top priority is developing solid and positive partnerships between the Police Department and all of Belhaven. Such partnerships will reduce crime and improve the standard of living for all residents of the community. These are top goals for any law enforcement agency, regardless of the population size served. Only through such efforts will we all be better able to accurately identify and resolve issues using comprehensive solutions. It is my hope that, through such actions, all citizens of Belhaven can become active participants in community safety efforts-not just consumers of police services. Together we can achieve great things in Belhaven!

In conclusion, having the opportunity to be the Chief of Police of the Belhaven Police Department has given me a tremendous amount of personal and professional pride. I look forward to the future of the department and to serving the community.

F.P. Clingenpeel, M.P.A.
Chief of Police


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