USACOPS | North Carolina | Police | Carteret County

North Carolina State
Ports Authority Police
Morehead City Division

Chief of Police
Ethan Hazard

113 Arendell Street
Morehead City, North Carolina 28557

Phone: (252)726-3158
Fax: (252)808-4236
24 Hours: (252)808-4209
911 Dispatch: (252)808-4225

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County: Carteret

Jurisdiction: The Port Authority Police has jurisdiction in any
of said harbors or seaports within the State and shall extend to
all properties owned by or under control of the Authority and shall
also extend over the waters and shores of such harbors or seaports
and over that part of all tributary streams flowing into such harbors
or seaports in which the tide ebbs and flows, and shall extend to the
outer edge of the outer bar at such harbors or seaports, from the state
border of South Carolina to the state border of Virgina.

The police department has the arrest and investigational powers as
any municipal agnency in North Carolina, as well as all the provisions
of Chapter 20 of the General Statutes relating to the use of the
highways of the State and the operation of motor vehicles thereon are
hereby made applicable to the streets, alleys and driveways on the
properties owned by or under the control of the North Carolina State
Ports Authority. Any person violating any of the provisions of said
Chapter in or on such streets, alleys or driveways shall, upon conviction
thereof, be punished as therein prescribed. Nothing herein contained
shall be construed as in any way interfering with the ownership and
control of such streets, alleys and driveways on the properties of said
Authority as is now vested by law in the said Authority