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GeoComm Exhibiting and Presenting at the 2013 Annual National NENA Conference and Expo
  June 11, 2013

St. Cloud, MN: GeoComm is excited to exhibit at the 2013 Annual National NENA Conference and Expo being held June 15 - 20 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We look forward to visiting with you at our booth number 423 about the latest industry developments with GIS for Public Safety, particularly for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). In our booth, we will demonstrate GeoLynx Server which seamlessly connects Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), responding agencies, and field responders.

In addition to our many booth activities, GeoComm's Kathy Liljequist, GISP, and Deb Rozeboom, ENP, are scheduled to present at several GIS track breakout sessions. Kathy and Deb have key roles in several NENA work groups. Kathy is a member of the GIS workgroup and a past member of the data sync guidelines workgroup. Deb is a member of the GIS data model for the NG9-1-1 workgroup.

Kathy Liljequist will be co-presenting at three different breakout sessions during the conference. At her first presentation she will be co-presenting on examining the processes and local accountability that will be required in future NG9-1-1 systems and discuss developing methodologies and processes for reporting and improving the accuracy of the GIS data, street centerline, and MSAG synchronicity. Kathy's second co-presentation will examine the significant steps the State of North Dakota took to prepare their GIS data for NG9-1-1 systems and the lessons they learned when completing their project. Finally, Kathy's third co-presentation will focus on Synchronizing GIS data with your MSAG, and ALI database to prepare it for NG9-1-1 and reviews several current standards necessary for successful data synchronization.

Deb Rozeboom will present on Addressing Military Installations so that they are E9-1-1 compliant. Deb recently led a group of GeoComm staff to conduct GIS data, MSAG, and ALI Development at 15 Marine Corps bases throughout the United States. Her presentation will focus on the unique and challenging aspects to data development and applying an addressing scheme to an established military installation.

For more information on these sessions, the projects associated with them and other ways GeoComm is participating in the National NENA conference visit

About GeoComm: GeoComm is mapping the future of NG9-1-1 as a proven provider of end-to-end GIS systems tailored to meet the needs of any public safety agency. GeoComm is the leading innovator of NG9-1-1 GIS services and software, including NG9-1-1 GIS data assessment and development; software to maintain, manage, and provision GIS data; the ECRF/LVF elements of the ESInet; and tactical mapping for the PSAP.

GeoComm's GeoLynx Family of Products provides the tools necessary to speed and enhance emergency response. These tools reduce response times, improve data accuracy and quality, accelerate communications, and provide mission critical GIS-based decision support.

Contact us to for more information or to discuss your options! or


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