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SafetySkills Shooting for Gun Safety
  Free Gun Safety Course Available to Public

(Oklahoma City, Dec. 8, 2009) The right to bear arms may be controversial, but gun safety is appreciated by all. Understanding the safety rules of owning a gun is extremely important to ensure the safety of others. SafetySkillsTM is providing a free course to specifically address the elements of gun safety.

"Our Gun Safety course is for anyone who has possession of a firearm," said Trey Greene, CEO of "Owning a gun may be right in this country but it also comes with a heavy responsibility that needs to be taken extremely seriously. Learning the proper use and care is key to avoiding accidents."

A current court case in San Miguel, Cali. is bringing attention to the need for proper gun safety training. 25-year-old John Aaron Norris is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge for the accidental death of his wife, 24-year-old Tasha Dawn Norris, due to misuse of a firearm on July 9. While removing ammunition from his gun while walking on the stairs of his home, Norris tripped over his dog causing the gun to fire unexpectedly.

"He (Norris) indicated the gun went off and the bullet struck his wife," sheriff's Deputy Matthew Terrell testified in Superior Court on Nov. 17.

Another accidental shooting occurred in Oct. 9 in Winter Springs, Fla. 62-year-old John Tabutt shot and killed his fiancée on the eve of their wedding when he mistook her for an intruder.

"Both of these incidents were tragic and avoidable. Most people only think of guns in terms of how it can protect them but forget about how tragedy can strike if a gun is handled incorrectly. Taking the initiative to seek out safety training on any device that can cause injury or death is the only responsible decision to make," said Greene.

To learn more about SafetySkillsTM and to take their free Gun Safety course, visit produces and publishes online learning content. SafetySkills is's online safety training platform. It is both easy to use, and free to implement. SafetySkills courses can also be licensed to be used in existing learning management systems.


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