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Victory Police Motorcycles launches the "New American Police Motorcycle"
  Victory Police Motorcycles has been on a fast pace meeting with Law Enforcement Agencies from coast to coast in the U.S.A and in Canada. The response has been overwhelming and this is a summary of what Motor Officers are saying about the Victory Commander I and II Police Motorcycles:

These Motorcycles handle so well and with the tip over protection inspire confidence to lean these bikes beyond what we are used to and, actually improved our confidence in riding our current motorcycles due to the tremendous lean angle the Victory' take you to.

These Motorcycles are safe, Rider protection is the best we have ever seen and web can tell these Motorcycles were designed with Rider safety in mind and as a secondary benefit protection from damage for the Motorcycles.

Why has it taken so long before a Company came out with a complete package that offers everything a Law Enforcement Motor Officers desire or have been asking for in a Police Motorcycle.

The low end Torque is fantastic, you can idle through the problems making it easier on the Rider to run the course and saving wear and tear on the brakes, clutch and motorcycle.

The low maintenance on these Motorcycles is simply unbelievable compared to the other Law Enforcement Motorcycles available, it is simply amazing.

The motorcycle's center of gravity gives all motor officers the opportunity to sit in the motorcycle, not on top of the motorcycle.

Simple thumb action on emergency lighting and siren/air horn emergency equipment is so simple it is stupid. Why has this not come out before now?

Victory offers two types of handlebars that allow officers comfort and personal choice. Each set of handlebars come with a helmet lock system that provides security for the officer's helmet.

Quick disconnect top box? Two connectors connect the top box to the motorcycle, the electronics on this motorcycle is great, very clean and superbly organized and well thought out.

One impressive feature is the kickstand takeoff position that allows officers to get on the motorcycle and take off without putting the kickstand up. The kickstand automatically retracts without causing a safety issue. The emergency equipment system is very impressive. Some of the features include, led emergency lights, alley lights, headlight blackout systems, long rifle security systems, large saddlebags, ghost shifter with adjustable foot controls.

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