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Hero's Rock Honors Fallen Officer Jason Gresko
  To Protect and Serve! The motto of those who willingly choose a career of service to their community. These amazing men and women go to work every day with the knowledge that there is an ever present danger lurking. That any given day could be the last day they return to their family.

These families must learn to live with this realization; although not always easy, it is a burden they carry with courage, strength and great pride.

We often take these people for granted, ever expecting their immediate response when needed, dreading their appearance when we are on the wrong side of the law.

When we hear of a loss of one of these heroic men or women, we are reminded of the burdens we lay upon their shoulders.

Hero's Rock is a non-profit program dedicated to showing our nation's appreciation to the ones who suffer the greatest loss, yet understand the least, their children.

Hero's Rock is currently building a custom tribute rocker for the daughter of Officer Jason Gresko of the Willoughby and Cleveland Clinic Police Departments. Officer Gresko lost his life while responding to a call for assistance in September of 2012. This rocker is named "The High Roller" and will be a handcrafted police car made of ash wood to resemble the Crown Victoria that he drove. One side will represent the Willoughby Police Department and the other the Cleveland Clinic.

Hero's Rock builds these tribute rockers through public donations. A contest is held for each hero, everyone who donates $5.00 earns a 1 in 500 chance to win a rocker for themselves, while helping to build a tribute rocker for the child of a fallen hero.

Upon it's completion, The High Roller will be presented to the Gresko family at the Willoughby Police Department where Jason's wife and daughter will be picking the winner of the contest.

Together we can give a child a little enjoyment now, which later will become a cherished heirloom reminding them of how important their hero was to all of us.

We are only the hands, it is generous and caring people across the country that make Hero's Rock possible. This is our way of saying "Thank You!" to all of those who do so much for all of us.


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