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Investigations in the Unknown
by James Herrick, VEPD

  How often have you been working a night shift and been called to a report of "suspicious lights" or a "UFO"? I'm not talking about your local EDP (Emotionally Displaced Person) that calls that in on a regular basis, but regular Joe Citizen that honestly believes he has seen something really strange. And to take it one step further, how many of us have actually seen what our witness has reported and honestly have no idea what we are looking at?

I'm sure at this point, you are already thinking that I'm a nut case. That may be a very arguable position, but let me assure you, I'm not. I do not believe in little green men from Mars, and that every blinking light is a flying saucer. Furthermore, I have never seen anything of an anomalous nature that couldn't be explained as an airplane, helicopter, the northern lights, satellite, etc., but know a few Law Enforcement Officers that have. Personally, after 25 years with a badge and a gun, I have seen more than my share of "weird", but all dealing with people not Martians.

I have, however, learned of people that do investigate these things on a very professional level. They are not the "UFO Hunters", "Paranormal Cops", "Ghost Hunters" or any number of television shows you might see on cable. They are a very low key organization based in Las Vegas, NV, known as BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies). They are associated with Bigelow Aerospace, an aerospace company that currently has 2 space platforms deployed and in orbit, with plans of launching a third in 2011. Bigelow Aerospace is also developing an expandable manned space station for use in the near future, so they are a serious company with a solid reputation.

BAASS is a relatively new company that seeks out new technologies. The belief is that if only 1% of all UFO sightings are really UFOs, there may be a chance that new technologies may be developed to enable better, safer, more economical and advanced space exploration. They are not UFO nuts sitting around drinking kool-aid and wearing aluminum foil hats, but are seasoned investigators and scientists with a very skeptical but open minded approach into the unknown.

All BAASS Investigators are former Law Enforcement from Federal, Military, State and Local agencies. Most are retired with 20 plus years of investigative experience, and like most seasoned cops believe that cold hard evidence is the key to solving any investigation. With various police backgrounds from all over the United States, they have a very comprehensive team of experts that would put a lot of Police Departments to shame with their combined level of experience. Backing up the Investigators is the team of Scientists from various disciplines such as Biology, Microbiology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and others. Most are PhD. Level scientists with extensive private and public sector experience.

I personally learned of BAASS through a compatriot of mine that is an Officer in a different state. We had worked together as contractors in Iraq, and I know him well and have trusted him with my life in the past. He is not prone to exaggeration or fantasy. He also witnessed a strange object on one of his calls, which is how he eventually came in contact with BAASS. As well as being a full time Police Officer, my buddy is also a licensed pilot, and learned of BAASS through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). BAASS is listed in FAA literature as a reporting venue for pilots to report UFOs. As well as a phone number which is listed in the FAA documents, BAASS can be reached through a website called HBCC. The web address is, or they can be e-mailed at The people at BAASS did not want their phone number associated with this article only because they did not want to burden their staff with crank calls (from the non-cops that may be reading this article). All information is kept confidential, and is used only for BAASS research.

So if you ever get one of those UFO type calls from Joe Citizen, drop a line to BAASS. Or if your complainant seems reliable, they could also be referred to BAASS to make a report. These guys are for real, and not looking for little green men, but instead are serious investigators and researchers looking for answers.


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