New York State
Assoc of Auxiliary Police

Glenn Kearney

PO Box 351
Massapequa, New York 11758
Phone: (516)795-4378
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The New York State Association of Auxiliary Police represents members of Auxiliary, Special, Reserve & like Departments in New York State. The primary purpose and objective of the Association is to promote and improve the benefits of its members, promote the understanding and cooperation between members of the Association and of professional Law Enforcement agencies with whom they interact, and promote the value of Volunteer Law Enforcement programs to the communities they serve.

The secondary purpose and objective of the Association shall be to set a standard to allow Volunteer Law Enforcement programs to be organized in municipalities, many of which may not have such organizations as of yet, and assist in legislation that may need to be set or amended.

According to our bylaws to be an Active Member must be a member of an officially recognized Auxiliary Police organization in the State of New York or a Uniformed Volunteer member of a law enforcement agency in the State of New York serving without compensation. This includes Reserve, & Special Police Officers.

The dues is only $10. This is to cover our operating costs

We divided the state into 6 regions. See map at

Each Region hosts our meetings on a rotation basis to allow members equal access to meetings.

We keep the members informed of any bills in Albany that may have an impact on them.

Over the years, many good bills have been introduced in Albany for Auxiliary Police.
But, they never got to the floor to be voted on.

We would like the State to work with us to pass legislation that will help recruit & protect uniformed volunteers in law enforcement agencies.

The State Association is not here to replace any local associations. We are here to help them. We encourage local participation & control. but, No matter how good a piece of legislation is, you can't get enough support in Albany with just your local legislators.
You need all of us, calling our own legislators to get statewide support.

Communication is our best tool.

This is why we started our AOL group & later joined many other e-mail groups.
Here we can discuss the issues that affect us & invite members to attend up coming graduations, award programs, and events like the NYC APBA 2004 Annual Interfaith Memorial Service which will be held on Sunday April 18, 2004, at 2:00pm in St. Patrick's Cathedral located at 51st Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan where Uniformed Volunteer member of law enforcement agencies from all over the world come in unity to honor our fallen members.

Future goals of the association include:

Supporting legislation that will give us equality with the benefits of Volunteer Fire Fighters.

Holding bi-annual Conventions in various parts of the state with a Parade of Volunteers, like the old state association had in the 1970's.

Offering training to local volunteer police units on a statewide standard.

Assisting local units with recruiting

Seeking funding for local programs

Offering web space & e-mail for local programs

Offering assistance to other programs outside of New York State in setting up a state association of their own.

Working with other associations and State & the federal governments on ways we can help with home land security and how we can help Volunteer Programs like these operate nationwide.

Please visit our web site & look for links to most of the Uniformed Volunteer Police units in New York State.