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Village of Lincoln Heights
Police Department

Message from the Chief

As the Chief of Police of the Village of Lincoln Heights, I welcome and invite you to discover the great team of hard working men and women who protect and server this community. Each office will be guided by the core values that guide our department which is professionalism, trust and integrity.

We understand that there are criminal and social issues that have an effect on our community, but as a team the Village of Lincoln Heights Police Department will accept the challenge by proficing a strong delivery of crime fighting services that will eliminate or deter criminal activities.

I am looking forward to an ongoing special relationship with the Greater Cincinnatti Officials, the Hamilton County Officials, jurisdictional departments, our municipal team, the officers of my department and the citizens of the Village of Lincoln Heights. Our agency is committed to seeking out available resources and technology that will assist us in creating effective crime fighting and crime prevention strategies that will reduce crime and strenghten police / community relations.


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