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Morrow County Court
Support Services

Court Administrator
Dan Wallis

48 East High Street
Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338

Phone: (419)947-5512
Fax: (419)947-4406

County: Morrow

The Morrow County Court Support Services involves the combined departments of Juvenile Diversion/Probation, Adult Felony Diversion/Intensive Probation, Community Service, Mediation Court, along with the Morrow County Substance Abuse Court and their probation.
The agency recently purchased a k-9 trained in narcotic search, but also tracking. Several of the staff members are also commissioned police officers with Mount Gilead Police Department and the Morrow County Sheriff's Department.

Elisha Colosimo- Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

Dustin Stark- Juvenile Probation Officer

Amanda Davis- Chief Adult Probation Officer

Chris Miranda- Adult Probation Officer

Casie Newsome- Adult Probation Officer

Renee Watts- Drug Court Coordinatior

Nathan George- Drug Court Case Manager

Matt Meyers- Criminal Bailiff/Deputy Sheriff

Intensive Probation Department 419-947-5512
Juvenile Probation Department 419-947-5545
Drug Court 419-947-5512
Juvenile Diversion 419-947-5512