City of Troutdale
Police Department

Chief of Police
David Nelson

141 SE Dora Street
Troutdale, Oregon 97060

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The Troutdale Police Department is comprised of 19 sworn officers -- the Chief of Police, four patrol sergeants, 12 patrol officers and two investigators -- four civilian support staff and six reserve officers. With this staff we provide 24/7 patrol with at least two officers on patrol at all times, and have been able to create an investigation unit by shifting resources and administrative duties. We have two officers assigned as School Resource Officers (SRO'S) one at Reynolds High School and the second at Walt Morey Middle School. The SRO at Walt Morey also teaches DARE at Troutdale and Sweetbriar Elementary Schools.

Troutdale Police Department has partnered with our neighboring jurisdictions Gresham, Fairview and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, to provide other services: the East County Major Crimes Team, the Vehicle Crash Team and Special Emergency Response Team (SERT). These are services that neither our partners nor ourselves could provide solely. Therefore by combining resources we can accomplish missions that require special investigation and/or training.

The Troutdale Police Department is committed to policing excellence through proactive service and professionalism. The values of the Police Department are:
. We are a customer service oriented department
. Everyone is treated with respect
. Our employees are our most valuable asset
. We work as a team.
. We plan strategically, and we work from our plan.

We value citizen input. Please feel free to contact us at