Newberry Township Police Department

Message from the Chief

On behalf of the Township Supervisors, welcome to the Newberry Township Police Department! We are proud to serve over 14,000 residents, businesses, and visitors of Newberry Township as well as the citizens of Goldsboro, York Haven and Lewisberry Boroughs. Our department motto is “Pride and Progress” – We are always looking for ways to improve our operation and the types and quality of police service that we provide. We do this while following our Core Values of Dedication, Integrity, Fairness, and Courage.

As you browse through this web-site, you will learn about the many law enforcement programs we are involved in. As Chief of Police, one of my primary duties is to be sure that our department is prepared to handle the most serious incidents and crimes. We accomplish this by working very closely with other law enforcement agencies on a regular basis. More importantly, we work closely with the people we serve, our community. The level of service the police department provides is only as good as the citizens who support the police. The Newberry Township Police Department enjoys the benefit of excellent support from the Township Supervisors, the school districts, the area businesses, and the residents. We work hard to keep communication lines open so that we can obtain and disseminate the information we need to get our work done, and done well.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Newberry Township Police Department is to perform its functions with the highest degree of professionalism, in partnership with the community it serves, and to whom it is accountable.

As Chief of Police, I invite you to be a part of our mission, and help us make our community as safe and enjoyable as possible for the thousands of people who live and work here.


David W Duffy
Chief of Police

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