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Upper Perk Police District

About Us

The Upper Perk Police Department provides full time police services to the borough of Pennsburg which is located in the Northwestern corner of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Pennsburg Borough is just shy of a square mile with an approximate population of four-thousand residents.

The department was established in 1973 as a regional department covering three boroughs; Pennsburg, East Greenville, and Red Hill. In 1998 Red Hill pulled out of the force and currently relies on the state police for coverage. Just recently, in June of 2017, East Greenville also pulled out of the force to create their own part time police department.

Currently, the force consists of eight (8) sworn full-time officers, including the Chief of Police and one administrative assistant. The department is a member of the North Penn Area DUI Task Force, the Montgomery County Central Region Swat Team, and the Montgomery County Drug Task Force, with five (5) officers assigned to this unit. In addition, the department has a bicycle unit, which is utilized during special events such as parades and carnivals.

In 2016, the Upper Perk Police Department handled 7,338 incidents.


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