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Upper Perk Police District

Message from the Chief

As Chief of Police, I welcome you to the Upper Perk Police Department's website. This website is intended to serve as an informational guide as to what our organization is doing to better serve our community and make a safer environment for our families, friends and neighbors.

The Upper Perk Police Department is committed to fair and impartial law enforcement services. Protection of life and property are the foremost priorities of this organization. Police department personnel strive for excellence through dedication, professionalism and the highest standard of integrity and as a result are better capable of providing compassionate assistance to all crime victims and an aggressive proactive approach to apprehending the criminal element.

The working relationship between our organization and the community in which we serve is paramount and continues to be an intricate part of our daily operations. We depend on the community just as the community depends on us.

Please take the time to navigate our website and learn more about the Upper Perk Police Department.


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