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Pot goes postal in Rowesville
Rowesville Police Chief Michael Thomas, left, and Sgt. Ronald Johnson intercepted more than two pounds of marijuana discovered in a package addressed to a Rowesville resident. The pot was found after the Rowesville postmaster alerted Johnson to "a strong odor" emanating from the package.

April 05, 2012 4:30 am * By RICHARD WALKER, T&D Staff Writer

ROWESVILLE - A package addressed to a Rowesville resident and intercepted by police resulted in two men being arrested on drug-related charges Wednesday.

Rowesville Police Chief Michael Thomas said police seized a wrapped and scent-camouflaged package containing more than two pounds of marijuana at the Rowesville Post Office. Thomas said the package was mailed from Texas.

"It's not common but it has taken place," the police chief said.

Michael Simpson, 40, and Woodrow Bowman, 35, brothers who live at 101 Spring Street in Rowesville, were arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The two men are expected to appear in court Thursday for a bond hearing.

Thomas said Sgt. Ronald Johnson was conducting a community policing effort of making contact with business owners rather than the cursory ride-by when he stopped at the Rowesville Post Office at around 9 a.m. and talked with the postmaster.

"She said she had a package for a subject, and she said it smelled ... like a strong odor," Johnson said. "I asked (one of the subjects) if he minded (opening the package)."

Claiming the package contained shoes, the subject opened the box. Inside the box, the officer discovered a plastic-wrapped block of what appeared to be marijuana which had been covered in a scent-altering agent.

Thomas said while the investigation was under way at the post office, the other subject called the post office multiple times to find out if the package had arrived.

"He took a ride as well," Thomas said.

The two pounds of marijuana is not enough to get federal authorities involved. But authorities on the other end of the shipment in McAllen, Texas have been notified and given the return address. That address is only a few miles from the police station there, Thomas said.

While Rowesville police say their town of 400 doesn't have any more of a problem with marijuana than any other municipality, the arrests of Simpson and Bowman and the drug seizure should be a warning to those dealing in drugs as well as other crimes.

"It sends a message that the police department is up and running," Thomas said. "You're not going to get away with anything easily.

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Reprinted with permission of The Times and Democrat.

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