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Saluda Police Department

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the officers and support staff of the Saluda Police Department to provide comprehensive, effective police services that exceeds the expectation of the citizens in a timely and responsive manner. We recognize that we are an integral part of the community and as such we are committed to addressing the needs of the community to enhance the quality of life for our citizens. It is our desire to provide an environment for our citizens that fosters cooperation between the Police Department and the community.

The Saluda Police Department recognizes that the citizens of our Town are integral part of the Public Safety Community. We encourage the citizens to embrace the department and take a proactive approach to assisting us with public safety.


The purpose of the Saluda Police Department is to provide the best possible police service to the community in the most cost effective manner possible. In order to accomplish our mission we must.....

1. Protect the lives and property of the citizens in the Town.
2. Preserve peace and order in the community.
3. Prevent and detect crime, limiting increases in criminal activity and reduce occurrences of all forms of unlawful activity, as measured by analysis of records.
5. Promote the safe and efficient use of the streets and highways and reduce the number of traffic accidents through selective enforcement, as measured by an analysis of records.
6. Emphasize teamwork within the department; maintain the highest professional standards possible. Provide the necessary training for our officers to handle all aspects of modern public safety challenges.
7. Promote collaboration and cooperation with all other departments/agencies involved with public safety.
8. Promote community policing initiatives within the department and with members of the community interested in taking an active part in assisting with public safety.


Goal 1: To promote highway safety.
     Objective 1: Increase traffic enforcement initiatives.
     Objective 2: Increase traffic enforcement educational opportunities for personnel and outline departmental objectives.
     Objective 3: Selective traffic enforcement patrols dedicated to aggressive driving, speed enforcement, seat belt compliance and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Goal 2: To emphasize teamwork and cooperation with the community, the Department will expand community policing efforts.
     Objective 1: Provide basic community policing training to departmental personnel.
     Objective 2: Provide basic community policing training to interested community members.
          a. Identify the needs of the Police in the community.
          b. Create a workable program addressing these needs utilizing available resources.
          c. Provide for training and recruitment.
          d. Conduct meetings.
     Objective 3: Encourage community involvement in the reporting of criminal, suspicions, and illegal activities.

Goal 3: To emphasize teamwork within the Department, the Department will increase internal communication and employee involvement in the decision making process.
     Objective 1: Conduct monthly meetings.
     Objective 2: Conduct an internal employee job satisfaction survey. Promote employee participation in the formulation of departmental goals and objectives and the methods in which they are to be accomplished.
     Objective 3: Implement desired achievable goals and objectives.
     Objective 4: Conduct quarterly efficiency and productivity sessions between supervisors and subordinates.

Goal 4: To ensure inter agency cooperation and collaboration on local and regional issues.
     Objective 1: Narcotics/drug investigation on local, state and federal levels.
     Objective 2: Commercial vehicle enforcement.
     Objective 3: Strategic community threat assessment regarding all aspects of potential terrorist or other threats.
     Objective 4: Underage drinking enforcement and aspects of juvenile education programs.
     Objective 5: Addressing domestic violence issues.
     Objective 6: Elder abuse awareness and intervention.


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