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Ware Shoals Police Department

Chief of Police
A J Welch

201 McLane Ave
Ware Shoals, South Carolina 29692

Phone: (864)456-7444
Fax: (864)456-7675

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Counties: Greenwood, Abbeville

Bottom Left:
Assistant Chief Mickey Boland with WSPD drug dog Molly, Judge Lisa Phillips, CHIEF A.J. WELCH, Police Councilwoman, Toni Culbreath, Sgt./SRO Sherrie Free with WSPD drug dog Alex.

From Top Left:
Chaplain Wayne Wicker, Cpl. Rafael Jimenez, Sgt. Eric Webster, Lt. Harry Irick, Cpl. Johnny Blakley, and Cpl. Michael McGrew.

Officers not pictured:
W-9 Ptl. Jimmy Johnson
W-10 Ptl. Kevin Cleaveland
W-11 Gill Sims, Warrant Officer


W-1 Chief A J Welch
W-2 Asst Chief Mickey Boland
W-3 Lt Harry Irick
W-4 Sgt Eric Webster
W-5 Sgt/SRO Sherrie Free
W-6 Cpl Rafael Jimenez
W-7 Cpl Johnny Blakley
W-8 Cpl Michael McGrew
W-9 Ptl Jimmy Johnson
W-10 Ptl Kevin Cleaveland
W-11 Ptl Gill Sims, Warrant Officer
W-12 Judge Lisa Phillips
Admin. Assistant- Kristen Davis
W-13 Reserve- State Constable Jim Grizzle
W-14 Reserve- Lester Madden
W-15 Reserve- Jeff Cothran