Unicoi County Sheriff's Department

David "Kent" Harris

102 North Main Street
Erwin, Tennessee 37650

Phone: (423)743-1850
Fax: (423)743-0055

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County: Unicoi
The Unicoi County Sheriff's Dept won second place in the state of Tennessee for the year 2005 in traffic safety and public education awareness of the dangers of traffic related offenses. The sheriff's dept. has been nominated for a national award for sheriff Harris participation in a unique drug awareness program. The sheriff's dept. along with the six neighborhood watch programs in the county received national recognition for their efforts in 2005. The sheriff's dept. is striving for an even more successful 2006.

The Unicoi County Sheriff's Dept is composed of 40 full time staff that are committed to keeping Unicoi Co a safe place to live, work, worship and raise your family. The Sheriff's Dept aggressively fights crime and has 5 criminal investigators that are on call along with the sheriff, a former criminal inv., 24 hours a day. They have one of the highest percentage case solvability of any dept. their size in the country. Also officers of the dept. respond on average to any call in the county in less than 5 minutes. Currently they are upgrading their 911 center. The dept. has a fully trained s.w.a.t. team, a k-9 nationally certified and has upgraded equipment and training to deal with homeland security issues in our community.