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Bexar County Constable
Precinct 1



The Bexar County Constable's Office Precinct One has a highly regarded unit of approximately 20 volunteer Reserve personnel who hold commissions as law enforcement officers. These deputies provide the Bexar County Constable's Office and the citizens of the county the same type of service as any other peace officer in the state of Texas.

Applications to the Reserve Unit are accepted on a continual basis, but the selection process is usually not completed until the interview. Those individuals meeting our requirements are then required to pass a background check, physical test, and a psychological test at the applicant's expense.

Reserve deputies are required to provide a minimum of 20 hours per month to remain active in the unit. In addition to this, they are also required to attend a meeting on every first Thursday of every month to keep updated on vital information.

Although the primary duties of the Reserve deputies are to augment the full time staff of the Bexar County Constable's Office, they are permitted to work solo-status once they have obtained a desired level of proficiency, which is evaluated through a field supervisor.

Some of the assignments worked in this capacity are traffic, arrest warrants, prisoner transports, bicycle patrol, bailiff, and special events.

To qualify for the reserve deputy status you must:

Be a minimum of 21 years of age.
Hold a Current Peace Officer's License.
Maintain State Mandated Training Requirements.
Pass State Required Physical Exam.
Pass State Required Drug Screening.
Pass State Required Psychological Exam.
No Class B or Above Convictions.
Be available for volunteer assignments.

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