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UT Dallas Police Enforcement Authority

As defined in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 2,12(8), UT Dallas Police Officers are Texas Peace Officers vested with full law enforcement powers under Section 51.203, Texas Education Code. Officers must meet training requirements mandated by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education, as well as training designed to meet the needs of our specific community. UT Dallas Police Officers have jurisdiction and authority that extends throughout Dallas and Collin Counties as well as every county in Texas where UT System owns, leases or controls property.

All criminal incidents are investigated by police officers. UT Dallas Police with local municipal police agencies and county sheriff's departments as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety maintains a cooperative relationship. This cooperation includes training programs, special events, coordination and criminal investigations. Cases are filed with both the Dallas County and Collin County District Attorney offices, depending on the violation location.

The UT Dallas Police Department has 26 commissioned officer positions plus dozens of support staff and non-commissioned officer positions. The primary geographical area of patrol operations is approximately five square miles. The population served fluctuates between 15,000-20,000. Additionally, the UT Dallas Police Department is one of only a handful of law enforcement agencies with a University Police Explorer Post.


1. Patrol Operations
- Motors
- Bike Patrol
2. Criminal Investigations
- Crimes Against Persons & Property
- Narcotics
3. Crime Prevention
4. Emergency Management
5. Parking & Traffic
6. Support Operations
- Communications

Community Oriented Policing Programs and Services

* Information Center
* Self-Defense Training for Women (RAD)
* Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
* Community Liaison Officer Program
* Student Patrol
* Law Enforcement Explorers/Internship Program
* Emergency Call Boxes
* Lost & Found
* Citation Appeal Form
* Event Registration Form
* Silent Witness Program
* Ask-A-Cop
* Crime Prevention Unit
* Bike Patrol
* Safe-Walk Escorts
* Report Activity Summaries (Blotter)
* Vehicle Assists

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