Jarrell Police Department

About Us

The Jarrell Police Department was founded on June 1, 2006. Jarrell's first Mayor Wayne Cavalier and the City Council hired Andres Tomas Gutierrez to fill the City's newly created position of Chief of Police. Chief Gutierrez was entrusted with the task of creating and implementing Jarrell's first police department.

Chief Gutierrez has been in Law Enforcement since 1984 and has held positions ranging from Patrol officer, Internal Affairs officer, Detective Sergeant as well as being a Police Chief for nearly eight years. Chief Gutierrez graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1994, with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. He possesses a Master Peace Officer certification from T.C.L.E.O.S.E. and continues his Law Enforcement education via the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (L.E.M.I.T.). He is also a certified Instructor and possesses numerous other certifications. Chief Gutierrez and Lieutenant Thompson share duties as the City's Emergency Management Coordinator.

By the end of June 2006 the department began taking shape and eventually non-paid officers were added to the department roster. The department was "housed" in an office at City Hall until a suitable location could be found, department was later moved to 120 North Main. The department's policy manual was created and later passed by the City Council. The council directed the Chief to create a police department which was both progressive minded and technologically advanced with personnel that embodied professional and ethical qualities.

In 2007 Lieutenant Roger Thompson was hired. Lt. Thompson brings years of experience in the areas of Patrol and Criminal Investigation. Lt. Thompson is a Master Peace Officer and a certified Police Instructor. He shares the duties of Emergency Management and oversees the Patrol officers.

In 2007 Lynda Van Soest was hired as the department's Administrative. Her duties encompassed compiling the department's UCR and daily activity blotter. In addition she maintains the department's Criminal case files, Accident reports and overall case management. She is instrumental in filing cases in a timely and professional manner. Her contributions have been immeasurable.

In 2008 after a time on Main street, the Police Department moved within the confines of City Hall, 1633 CR 305. The department currently has 2 commissioned Officers and a police reserve force.

In 2009 the City passed a 5 year plan that outlines the City's commitment to Public Safety. With the population growth that is heading towards Jarrell, we will continue to strive for and achieve our primary goals of maintaining a safe community as well as ensuring a great quality of life our citizens.


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