Lytle Police Department

Message from the Chief

Chief Richard PriestI was appointed Chief of Police on October 18, 1999, prior to that I was serving as a Non-Paid Reserve Sergeant. Prior to accepting the full-time Chief's position I was self-employed, though I started working as a Reserve officer in 1991. I was tasked with taking over a department that had low morale and a high turnover rate. I was fortunate that I received the needed support of the Mayor, City Council, and the City Secretary. I immediately put my full effort into modernizing the department while at the same time working within the constraints of a "small town" budget. We began to issue firearms, get computers in the cars, update the fleet, increase pay and a lot of little things that made a difference. We began to retain officers, not just employees but people who care about the community they serve. As of October 2007 our newest Police Officer has been with us over three years, this means the officers know the community and are part of it. I live in the City of Lytle and have family here, as a citizen I expect the highest level of service possible from the City, as the Police Chief my goal is to provide that service. We utilize both full-time and non-paid reserve police officers to provide law enforcement; residents can be assured that all members of our department are well qualified, compassionate individuals who serve the citizens of Lytle because they want to. Simply put our department is not made up of officers who can't get a job anywhere else. I will continue my goal to improve the service that our citizens receive, to do this we will always work to recruit and retain quality employees. I am very proud of my staff and the work they do to keep Lytle a safe place to live and work. Our officers truly "Protect & Serve".

As the new businesses and subdivisions come to town our job changes and becomes more challenging. No matter what route progress and growth takes us we will continue to work with our citizens and businesses to keep the streets safe, catch bad guys, and be there for the community we serve.

Richard "Richey" Priest

Chief of Police


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