San Antonio Park Police

Chief of Police
Steve Baum

600 Hemisfair Park Bldg 337
San Antonio, Texas 78205


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County: Bexar

San Antonio Park Police Badge

The San Antonio Park Police form a Division of the Parks and Recreation Department. They are certified peace officers whose mission it is to provide security for visitors to City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation facilities.

In the course of their everyday duties, San Antonio Park Police often encounter people who are not familiar with the law enforcement role of the park ranger. Generally speaking, a "ranger" is a law enforcement officer whose jurisdiction and/or responsibilities center around natural resources. However, there can be considerable differences in the actual work performed by rangers in different agencies. Rangers at one agency may primarily function as naturalists who manage and interpret natural resources for the public while others may perform park maintenance duties and have limited law enforcement authority. Some serve as park police, enforcing laws, investigating crimes, and making arrests.