Lindon City
Police Department

About Us

Lindon City Police Department Core Values



We strive for professionalism in all things that we do. We wish to meet or exceed the expectations of the citizens whom we serve and of our own goals at ever turn. We know that by doing so, we engage the community as advocates for our goals. Advocates do more than live in a community. They take ownership for and work to change the community challenges that we face every day.


We respect and value the dignity and worth of all persons and recognize that diversity enriches our community. We hold reverence for the law, the processes of government and for the rights of all citizens.


We are committed to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining ethical standards and demonstrated practices and policies forged by consideration of strong moral values. We acknowledge and accept that our individual conduct at all times must be beyond reproach.


We pledge to fulfill our mission by being accountable to our community, our department and to each other. We faithfully and without bias honor our obligations to the community. We are knowledgeable and proficient in the performance of our duties and we accept and uphold the public trust, which has been given us.


We strive for excellence through the effective, innovative and efficient use of all available resources, which promotes teamwork and provides for the empowerment of employees and citizens at all levels.

"Everything begins with Professionalism and ends with Excellence"


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