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Fort Belvoir
Police Department

About Us


The Fort Belvoir Police Department is committed to being a world class Department of the Army Police Agency, and a leader among Department of the Army Police Agencies. We will accomplish this by hiring and promoting talented officers and professional staff, employing the highest standards of performance, best practices in policing, and accountability which reflects the values of the world class installation we serve.

Fort Belvoir has a reputation for its commitment to soldier/citizen values, compassion, fairness, diversity, human rights and justice. These values must be at the forefront of the Fort Belvoir Police Department as it fulfills its public safety mission.

The Fort Belvoir Police Department strives to adhere to the highest standards and reflect the diversity of the community it serves. The people of the Fort Belvoir community and members of the police department must be united in their commitment to addressing crime, violence and quality of life issues by engaging one another and all agencies of the Fort Belvoir community in problem solving partnerships.

Police strategies and tactics must be driven by accurate, timely and reliable information supplied by current and emerging technologies and supported by Fort Belvoir's neighborhoods and business community partners.

The Police Department strives to maintain the trust of the Fort Belvoir community members by actively engaging the neighborhoods it serves. The Police Department seeks to make its policies and operations as open as possible. When there are complaints involving the Police Department, both the public and the police are best served by a system of accountability that is expeditious and fair to all involved.

To make this vision a reality, the Police Department must reward the hard work, ingenuity, and resourcefulness demonstrated by its employees, and must offer state of the art training, in-service training, development and career opportunities for advancement and retention. This will ensure that employees see the Police Department as a lifelong career and strive to become the department's next generation of leaders.


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