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Germanna Community College
Police Department

Mission Statement

The Germanna Community College Police Department's mission is to provide a safe and secure campus for our community. We believe that our role does not end there. We feel strongly that our community needs both to be safe and feel safe. The perception of safety contributes to the overall college experience, facilitates teaching and learning, and supports the mission of Germanna Community College to educate the next leaders of the Commonwealth and our nation. We strive to enforce the law as well as college rules and regulations in a manner that supports the missions of both the Police Department and Germanna Community College whenever and wherever possible. The Germanna Community College Police Department believes the most effective way to achieve these goals is through collaboration with our community. By embracing a proactive Community Policing/Customer Service Based philosophy, we will be able to create a partnership with our campus constituents, as well as our neighbors. A close community partnership is the best way to prevent crime and enhance safety. We will preserve public safety and foster a better quality of life by providing the services necessary to accomplish this mission and make the college a better place to work, visit and learn.


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