Cheyenne Police Department


Cheyenne Police Department, 106 sworn, anticipates testing this coming fall. Applicants must be 21 at time of hire, possess a H.S. diploma or GED equivalency, no felony conviction, be a US citizen, and pass Risk Mgt's critiera for moving violations. Process to include submitting applications to City HR only during announced testing period, passing an entry level written exam, pass a PT Assessment (6,300+ altitude), successful Oral Board and with a BGI to include a polygraph, psychological evaluation and medical/drug screen. Lateral transfers are encouraged; will complete the same application process and if successful will attend a 2.5 week Criminal Law class, and pass a Challenge Exam. Pay scale for lateral at the discretion of Chief of Police after 6 months of satisfactory performance. Web site,, for specifics for salary scales, PT requirements, phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails. Have a safe day.

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