Pennsylvania State Constable
Moosic, Lackawanna County

Message from the Constable

"Established in Pennsylvania in 1664"

Constables in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have enjoyed a long tenure of service. Pre-dating all other law enforcement, having been established in 1664, the constable was the law and order of the state until labor unrest in the 19th century helped establish the more defined local and state police system, as we know it today. Constables, however, remain a vital part of the law enforcement community by serving criminal and civil service of process statewide.

The Pennsylvania State Constable is the law enforcement arm of the Statewide District Court System of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Minor Judiciary. The Constable is the oldest law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania, and under Act 44-1994, is required to undergo basic and annual refresher training before being fully certified by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The Constable may also enforce all breaches of the peace and make arrests for violation of Commonwealth statutes on view and by warrant.

Because of statewide jurisdiction constables acts as an effective law enforcement arm of the Minor Judiciary and Common Pleas Courts, providing service of summary, criminal, bench warrants, civil process, prisioner transport.


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